The “AAAPT Links” aims to provide the links to AAAPT network groups who have their own extensive presence on the world-wide-web. This will provide the information to AAAPT member about the areas of research in which other AAAPT Network members are active. This will help AAAPT Network members to explore possible research collaborations either through AAAPT Network activities or directly with other group members. Some other important links have also been included. AAAPT network members are encouraged to inform the AAAPT Secretariat about their group’s web presence so that links to their group’s activities may also be included on this page.

Links of AAAPT Network Groups:

1. Institutefor Plasma Focus Studies – Prof Lee Sing – Lee Code and others

2. Plasma Radiation Source Lab – NIE / NTU / Singapore Group

3. AAAPTon Wikipedia

4. Plasma Research Laboratory – Prof C S Wong, University Malaya, KualaLumpur, Malaysia

5. Universal Plasma FocusLaboratory Facility – Prof S H Saw, INTI International Univ, Malaysia

6. Plasma Physics Laboratory – Prof Henry J Ramos, NIP, University of Philippines, Philippines

7. Plasma Physics Research Centre – Prof M. Ghoranneviss, I.A. University, Tehran, Iran

8. Plasma Physics Laboratory - Asso. Prof. Deepak Subedi, Kathmandu Universitym, Nepal

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