Activities 2013 - 2016

Activities During 2013-2016

    1. A one day International Symposium on Plasma Focus was organized by Prof Saw at INTI International University on June 12, 2013 which was supported by IAEA and AAAPT. Many renowned international plasma physicist gave invited talks in this symposium which was held immediately after the IAEA’s 2nd Research Cooperative Meeting (RCM) of the CRP on “Investigations on Materials under High Repetition and Intense Fusion Pulses” organized by Dr Rajdeep at Singapore on June 10-11, 2013. Several AAAPT member groups are involved in this CRP.

    2. A two week activity from 26 September to 8 October 2013 was organized by Prof Lee and Prof Saw on “The Numerical Experiment Workshop on Plasma Focus” at Kathmandu University, Dhulikhel, Nepal as collaborative project between Kathmandu Univeristy, INTI International University, IPFS and AAAPT.

    3. The ICPSA2013 was successfully organized by Dr Rajdeep and team in Singapore in Dec 2013 with financial support from ICTP (3000 Euro), Institute of Advanced Studies, NTU, Singapore (S$5000), Asian Photonic Research Institute, GIST, South Korea (USD 3000) and other local sponsors. More details are on the conference/workshop page.

    4. A PhD student of Prof Amrollahi, Mr Mohsen Mardani successfully completed his 4 months research attachment at NIE/NTU Singapore under the supervision of Dr Rajdeep from May to Aug 2013. During this attachment Mr Mardani (now Dr Mohsen Mardani) worked on laser shadowgraphic studies of plasma focus device as collaborative AAAPT activity between Amir Kabir University, Iran and NTU, Singapore.

    5. Mr Rajveer Singh a PhD student from University of Delhi, India did his research attachment for 6 months at NIE/NTU, Singapore from September 2013 to February 2014 under the supervision of Dr Rajdeep. During this research attachment he was trained on Pulsed Laser Deposition and Atmospheric Plasma Facilities and he worked on synthesis of TM-doped ZnO thin films and SBN thin films.

    6. As collaborative AAAPT network research activity between Dr Thawatchai Onjun, Thammasat University, Thailand and Dr Rajdeep, NTU, Singapore; a team of researchers from Thammasat University which include Dr Nopporn and some students visited Plasma Radiation Source Lab of NIE/NTU, Singapore in 2013 to dismantle and assemble UNU-ICTP DPF device at NIE to practice the assembly and operation of DPF device. Thammasat University group has successfully assembled and operated a new plasma focus facility.

    7. Prof Lee, Prof Saw and Dr Akel have established strong research collaborations between INTI International University, Malaysia and Syria in computational plasma focus device. The collaboration has resulted in several publications.

    8. The collaborative research project on 160 kJ dual PF development at INTI International University, Nilai, Malaysia is ongoing between INTI, Malaysia and NIE/NTU, Singapore. The project is led by Prof Saw and other team members include Prof Lee, Mr Hamid Damideh, Dr Paul Lee and Dr Rajdeep. This is a three year long project.

    9. Prof Lee and Prof Saw organized one day pre-conference workshop on 21 September 2014 just before the start of ICPSA2014 in collaboration with Prof Deepak Subedi and Dr Raju Khanal at Kathmandu University, Dhulikhel, Nepal. The workshop was attended by about 25 participants. This was a research training workshop, with an internet section starting 1 month before the final face to face hands on session on 21st of September. Three DPF machines from Singapore were simulated, generating new and exciting research results. A paper is planned to be published from the results generated during the workshop

    10. A one day Conference on Plasma Focus (COPF 2014) in the ISPF series was organized on Friday 20 June 2014 by Prof Saw at INTI International University and was attended by all plasma focus groups in Malaysia and Australia. There were 20 participants and 14 papers were presented.

    11. A student, Ms Mahsa Mahtab from Amir Kabir University, Tehran, Iran was invited by Dr Rajdeep to NTU Singapore for 2 months (June-July 2014) under AAAPT network activity to work on graphene synthesis using PECVD. She completed the work successfully and the research is being extended in Singapore.

    12. A collaborative research has just started between the Kathmandu University, Nepal (Prof Deepak Subedi) and NIE/NTU, Singapore (Dr Rajdeep) on atmospheric plasma treated polymers samples. The samples are being treated to atmospheric plasmas at Kathmandu University and are characterized at both, Kathmandu University, Nepal and NTU, Singapore.

    13. Dr Mohan V Jacob from James Cook University, Australia (which has recently become the Associate Member of AAAPT) is spending his 5 months sabbatical in NIE/NTU, Singapore from July to Nov 2014. During this time Dr Mohan help establish the Plasma Polymerization research activity at NIE/NTU and also conducted collaborative research experiments with Dr Rajdeep on graphene synthesis using non-synthetic products using PECVD and experiments on plasma focus treatment of plasma polymerized thin films.

    14. Ms Sepide Javadi a PhD student of Prof M Ghoraneviss from Islamic Azad University, Tehran, Iran was invited by Dr Rajdeep to NTU Singapore for 6 months (May-October 2015) under AAAPT network activity to work on stainless-steel and tungsten irradiation in plasma focus device.

    15. Mr Daniel Grant a PhD student of Dr Mohan Jacob from James Cook University, Australia was invited by Dr Rajdeep to NTU Singapore for 6 months (Jan-June 2016) under AAAPT network activity to work on polymer irradiation in plasma focus device.

    16. Dr Thawatchai Onjun visited NTU, Singapore in April 2016 and delivered a seminar on “New Hope of Energy: The Potential of Nuclear Fusion”.

    17. Prof Raju Khanal and his team of Tribhuvan University, Nepal have active ongoing collaboration with Prof Lee Sing and Prof Saw on Lee Code simulations.